“Who doesn’t want to get out, have fun enjoy life?” That’s from Juwan, one of the young people in this video from Loop Nola, a nonprofit that provide outdoors experiences to kids in the Greater New Orleans area. (ht: Take Me Fishing).

According to the New Orleans based organization, “On average, American children spend 90% of their time indoors looking at some type of electronic screen.¬†They rarely interact with the Outdoorsman’s Paradise right outside their windows here in Louisiana and the adventures it offers. Outdoor activities decrease stress, relieve attention fatigue and increase creativity, but there are few outdoor opportunities offered to children and youth in the Greater New Orleans area.”

Programs run year round — partnering with summer camps when the school year is over. According to Loop Nola, it served more than 2,500 hundred participants in the 2017-18 school year, more than half from low-income families, and collaborated with 34 school and nonprofit partners.

Get them off the screens and put a fishing pole in their hands. And watch the smiles.