This is just too cool for words. Nomadic Studio, a film production company, has released a trailer to promote “Live the Stream,” the story of Joe Humphreys. Yes, he’s 90 years old and still at it (watch him pumping iron in the video … )

Who is Joe Humphreys? He’s “a man with a wonderful family, a wealth of friends, and a resume of remarkable talents. He’s a multi-lettered collegiate athlete who easily could have chosen another career path but, instead, decided to devote his life to fly fishing. Joe’s traveled the world representing the U.S. in fly fishing competitions, has guided presidents & celebrities, held a Pennsylvania record, hosted an ESPN show, and was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, yet Joe’s focus has always been on teaching, coaching, and passing on the joys of fly fishing to anyone who wants to learn.

“His books have helped many students better their skills and his classroom work as a 19-year instructor of the renowned Penn State Angling program is just as esteemed. If you’re familiar with fly fishing you’ll recognize “Hump” on the street or on the stream but if you know nothing about angling, you’d think he was an average Joe. He’s an icon happily living his life in a local community but his impact on fly fisherman all over the world is profound. There’s no way to know how many people Joe has inspired. This man never slows down… even at 86 years old and that’s impressive.”

You’ll note how Humphreys doesn’t go crashing into the river soon as he gets there but stops for a moment to watch. “He spots a giant.” And that slick bow and arrow cast? (Practice yours here with Orvis’ Pete Kutzer).