Just because we’re nearing the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend, why stop now? The video below from the John Templeton Foundation gives a quick roundup of the benefits of gratitude. More here:

Throughout history and around the world, religious leaders and philosophers have extolled the virtue of gratitude. Some have even described gratitude as “social glue” that fortifies relationships — between friends, family, and romantic partners — and serves as the backbone of human society.

Over the past two decades scientists have made great strides toward understanding the biological roots of gratitude, the various benefits that accompany gratitude, and the ways that people can cultivate gratitude in their day-to-day lives

All of us associated with the Muskegon River Lodge are counting our blessings. We’re grateful to those who have enjoyed the accommodations, the fishing, the incredible beauty of the Muskegon River. We’re grateful to our business partners who have helped us make the Lodge a first rate experience. We’re grateful to the community and all those who have worked to conserve and protect our natural resources. Thank you.